Unlock the potential of Earth Observation

Our award-winning Earth Observation solutions provide tailored insights to help safeguard your assets here on the ground. A cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to improve safety, resilience, and performance.

What we do

We use satellite data to provide actionable insights

What we do

Our AI platform pinpoints emerging threats

What we do

Our app connects these insights to your field teams

Our asset monitoring solutions

EUDR Compliance

TradeAware, our supply chain monitoring solution, integrates AI-driven satellite insights to streamline your journey to full European Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) compliance.


Vegetation Management

Treeline, our vegetation management solution, detects and assesses trees and provides prioritized risk evaluations based on vegetation condition and distance to your assets.


Third Party Interference

SurfaceScout Monitoring, our third-party monitoring solution, tracks activity in the vicinity of your assets and provides early hazard warnings so that you can intervene before any damage occurs.

third party insights

Rapid Disaster Response

SurfaceScout Rapid Response, our storm response solution, pinpoints damage sites following a storm, regardless of daylight or cloud cover, and notifies field teams in record time.


Practical solutions with immediate benefits

Actionable insights, accessible anywhere, so head office and field teams are always on the same page.

Recommendations you can trust for results you can stand by.

Easy integration with your internal systems, thanks to our leading partners’ network, and our state-of-the-art API.

Fast to deploy and faster to scale, with a same-year return on your investment.

Customers & Testimonials
“The LiveEO technology gives us a better overview of the vegetation along our tracks. It allows us to address the consequences of climate change even better.”

Ronald Pofalla, Head of Infrastructure, Deutsche Bahn

“At Bayernwerk, we need reliable and innovative partners. In LiveEO, we have found such a partner, who responds individually to our requirements and continuously develops its product together with us.”