Ongoing monitoring for third party activity

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Make sure none of your assets, no matter how remote, are subject to accidental or intentional tampering by third parties, with SurfaceScout from LiveEO.

Sustainable, reliable, effective

Monitoring vast or remote sites with overflights or from the ground comes at a high price, financially and environmentally. LiveEO’s SurfaceScout monitoring solution cuts these costs right down, using advanced Artificial Intelligence to analyse satellite data, reliably identifying third party activity near your perimeter, and notifying you of any developments.

check your entire Aol in one go

Get a complete overview of all third party activity within your defined perimeter.

High-precision estimates of activity scale and proximity give you a head start on prioritizing checks and inspections.

Accurate assessments from the start
Integrated digital work management

Manage patrols and checks, with detailed record of past inspections, all from your desktop.

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