It all started with an idea…

LiveEO was born from the idea that satellite data, a vast and almost untapped resource, has enormous potential to transform our lives, and the world around us, for the better.

An untapped resource

Sven and Daniel, two NewSpace enthusiasts with a keen interest in A.I., founded LiveEO in 2018 with a simple vision: to apply this incredible trove of data about our planet to improve the way we do business, and live our lives.

Unlock the full potential of Earth Observation data for the benefit of all mankind and to protect life on Earth.

A new world dawning

Over the next few years, ready access to Earth Observation data from satellites will change the way entire industries operate.

Our focus has been on the infrastructure sector to start with. Linear grids such as electricity, rail, or pipelines, are the arteries of our societies.

Our AI-driven satellite monitoring solutions greatly simplify the process of protecting and maintaining these networks, make them safer and more reliable, and more sustainable.

Our approach has convinced infrastructure operators on every continent, including Europe’s largest railway operator, Deutsche Bahn, to become our customers.

But we’re not stopping there!

Many industries stand to benefit from the ability to monitor vast or remote areas simply, quickly and reliably. Our development teams are hard at work building solutions for these other use cases.

We are proud to be a global leader in satellite-based asset monitoring today, and look forward to building out our capabilities, and securing our lead into the future.

Why not join us?

If you like the idea of joining us on our journey, as a partner, a customer, or a colleague. We’d love to hear from you!