Clear insights all year round.

LiveEO’s suite of satellite-based hazard management tools gives you a broader view of conditions on the ground near your railway assets: year-round vegetation, ground movement, or third party activity.

Stay on top of environmental risks

LiveEO’s Railway Suite solutions analyse the data from Earth Observation satellites, scanning your entire network in a fraction of the time it takes to organise a light aircraft flyover.

Monitoring your network this way helps you keep on top of environmental hazards from vegetation growth, storm damage, ground movement and more.



vegetation-related service disruptions



contractor spend per km



inspection cost per km

Get an eagle’s eye view of your network

No other method offers the combination of scope and precision you can get from a satellite view. Coupled with state-of-the art AI analysis, it’s unbeatable as a source of truth at the scale of national grids. Reach out now and find out why dozens of major operators put their trust in LiveEO.

“LiveEO technology gives us a better overview of the vegetation along our tracks. It allows us to address the consequences of climate change even better.”

Ronald Pofalla, Head of Infrastructure, Deutsche Bahn

Vegetation Management Insights

Keep tree growth in check and manage vegetation risk more effectively along your entire grid with VMi.

Rapid Response Insights

Accelerate your disaster response protocols by identifying obstructions and damage before the storm has passed with RRi.

Ground Movement Insights

Monitor ground deformation with millimetre precision to spot problems before they happen with GMi.

Make the change to condition-based prevention