Secure trans­mission,
Reliable distribution.

Protect and improve the safety of your grid with insights and alerts designed to mitigate risk.
Improve customer satisfaction by preventing blackouts, and safeguard your assets and the environment by decreasing wildfire risk with LiveEO's industry-leading analytics tools.

The world is changing, fast.

Earth Observation satellites are the only technology available that can scan an entire country in a single day. Equipped with increasingly powerful sensors, these satellites can scan your entire electricity grid within 24 hours.

By monitoring your grid from space, LiveEO can help you increase safety, improve service continuity, and optimize your vegetation management spend.



SAIDI year-on-year



area covered on same budget



lower CO2 footprint

Trust the technology. Trust the results.

The accuracy and effectiveness of satellite data analysis via AI are now proven beyond doubt. Join dozens of other electric utility companies that have placed their trust in LiveEO.

Vegetation Management Insights

Keep track of tree growth and vitality and ensure vegetation risks to your infrastructure are tackled early.

Rapid Response Insights

Start identifying storm damage sites before the clouds have passed with RRi, for faster, more effective disaster response.

It’s time to shift your operating model towards preventative maintenance

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E.DIS Vegetation Management Case Study