EUDR Compliance. Automated & Remote.

The European Union’s Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) is groundbreaking in the fight against deforestation.
It mandates companies engaged in the import of commodities, such as cattle, palm oil, soy, cocoa, rubber, coffee, and timber, to provide evidence of deforestation-free supply chains.
Non-compliance poses the risk of financial penalties of 4% of revenue and severe reputational damage. In this new era of environmental accountability, thorough and continuous supply chain oversight has never been more crucial.

Protect our forests. And your business.

Trace sourced commodities to its exact geolocation and receive evidence for the deforestation status of each of your suppliers. All automated using AI-enabled satellite intelligence on a user-friendly platform. Our solution provides automated reports, accessible via Web App or via API directly in your existing systems.

Onboard via email

No-hassle onboarding of your suppliers via Email/Whatsapp/SMS. Direct import of existing supplier data.

Your suppliers record their farmlands by uploading GIS data or by tracking the geolocation with the LiveEO mobile app.

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Automated alerts screenshot

Receive report-ready results and automated updates on supplier and parcel level. Take action without delay.

Find all information on your suppliers and their deforestation status in your dashboard. Easily prioritize your work.

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Validate Compliance through Satellite-Based Monitoring


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