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Transform your compliance journey with the first comprehensive EUDR solution. TradeAware delivers reliable deforestation risk assessment, seamless system integrations, and thorough legal verification.

Bridge the Gap between your System and EUDR Requirements

Move beyond error-prone open-source EUDR solutions. Tradeaware integrates with all primary business intelligence tools and reduces misclassification errors by up to 50 times.

Avoid Supply Chain Disruptions

TradeAware Precision Analyses reduce errors and decrease misclassification by 97%, letting you prevent supply chain disruptions and maximize available supply chain and revenue while avoiding potential fines of more than 4% of revenue. Safeguard your business both financially and operationally.

Collect Geolocations

Streamline your geolocation data collection by easily collaborating with your suppliers. Import geolocations yourself or delegate the task to your suppliers by inviting them to the TradeAware platform. LiveEO does not reveal sensitive information along your supply chain. We are SOC2 certified and ensure all information is stored securely.

Work with your existing Systems

TradeAware bridges the gap between your supply chain system and EUDR compliance, including the due diligence statement and its legality check. Launch TradeAware from your procurement or traceability application via API and seamlessly link plot and product data. Reduce the complexity of achieving compliance and move faster.

Get a Comprehensive Due Diligence Statement

Achieve comprehensive compliance with TradeAware through a combination of deforestation risk assessment with market-leading accuracy and legal verification.

Our legal partner, a premier global law firm, performs additional due diligence reviews. Their legal team verifies compliance with critical legislation focusing on issues outlined in articles 9, 10 and 11 of the EU deforestation regulation.

Tailored to meet your EUDR Requirements.

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Unlimited access to deforestation layers to navigate your supply chain challenges

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Everything in our Lite package plus:

Full risk assessment and risk mitigation capabilities, including legal information capture

Direct submission of Due Diligence Statement

Evidence retention for 5 years

The option to upgrade to precision analysis

The ability to create internal organisations for collaboration

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Everything in our Professional package plus:

Access to our API

Support for enterprise integrations

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The EUDR Handbook

Ensure Compliance & Maintain Supply Chain Integrity. Access our whitepaper for insights on EUDR compliance. Discover essential practices for regulation alignment, ensuring your business not only adheres to legal standards but also excels in sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR)?

The EUDR is a law enacted by the EU to prevent the placing of commodities linked with deforestation and forest degradation onto the EU market or exporting them from the EU. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from deforestation and aid in the fight against global biodiversity loss.

Which commodities and products are covered by the EUDR?

The EUDR sets mandatory due diligence rules for Operators placing specific commodities or products on the EU market or exporting them from the EU. The commodities initially included are soy, cattle, palm oil, wood, cocoa, coffee, and rubber, as well as derived products such as leather, chocolate, and furniture.

What are the due diligence requirements under the EUDR?

The EUDR requires operators to implement a due diligence system to avoid sourcing of commodities or products that are not deforestation-free or have not been produced in accordance with the relevant legislation of the country of production. Operators need to conduct risk assessments, mitigate any non-negligible risks, and publicly report on their due diligence systems annually.

What are the prohibitions under the EUDR?

Products of the commodities included in the EUDR may only be placed on, or exported from, the EU market if they are deforestation-free, have been produced in accordance with the relevant legislation of the country of production, and are covered by a due diligence statement.

What are the EUDR's traceability and transparency obligations?

The EUDR requires Operators to obtain geo-localisation coordinates (latitude and longitude of all plots of land) from where the commodities or products were produced or harvested, as well as the date or time range of production.

How will enforcement activities be coordinated under the EUDR?

The European Commission will develop a central database of risk assessments or ‘country benchmarks’. This system will categorise nations based on the risk of their commodities or products being associated with deforestation. Enforcement obligations for national authorities will also vary according to the level of risk assigned to the countries of production. A central information system will also be developed to receive and record Operators' due diligence statements. For speakers of other languages, more information can be found on our EUDR portal, eudr-info.com, available in German and on our Spanish info post.

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