by safeguarding your assets with near real-time monitoring against vegetation risks
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Improve your grid’s resilience and reliability

Leveraging advanced AI to analyze satellite data, LiveEO's Treeline solution delivers timely and actionable intelligence to protect linear infrastructures like electrical grids or rail networks against vegetation-related risks. Our solution ensures safer and more reliable operations by effectively mitigating threats, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency for our clients.

A comprehensive set of capabilities to enhance your vegetation management program

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The LiveEO technology gives us a better overview of the vegetation along our tracks. It allows us to address the consequences of climate change even better.

Ronald Pofalla
Head of Infrastructure
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With LiveEO, we’ve been able to access a level of risk and exposure data that we haven’t had before, enabling us to effectively optimize our vegetation management efforts in the face of limited funding.

Mark Waclawiak
Senior Manager of Operational Performance
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Discover how LiveEO's AI-driven space tech is revolutionising E.ON’s grid business. Through this strategic partnership, E.ON anticipates operational and safety improvements, such as reduced manpower needs, optimized budget planning, and safer on-site work environments.

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Equipping you with a 360° view of vegetation-related risks to your infrastructure - right from your desk

  • Manage a safe distance between your network and vegetation to mitigate clearance risks for both the ROW (grow-in) and fall-in area, vertically and horizontally
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of your network’s risk level down to the last span
  • Gain detailed insights into the health of vegetation along your network, empowering you to identify potentially hazardous trees with exceptional precision
  • Proactively address hazard trees before they pose immediate threats to effectively reduce the likelihood of future outages, consequently enhancing SAIDI and SAIFI, and overall system reliability
  • Obtain a complete understanding of species distribution along your network, allowing for strategic risk prioritization that specifically targets fast-growing species while nurturing the development of slow-growing ones
  • Enable precise differentiation between deciduous and coniferous species with an impressive accuracy rate of 90%
  • Achieve optimal task management through a centralized system that not only organizes tasks but also provides robust tools for prioritization and intuitive visualization
  • Boost productivity with hassle-free progress tracking and instant updates, offering quick access to task details and the flexibility to create ad-hoc tasks anytime, anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

What subscription plans are available?

We offer flexible plans that scale according to your specific requirements. Contact one of our sales representatives to learn more about our subscription offerings.

Can your solutions be integrated with my existing software?

Yes, we facilitate seamless direct integrations with SAP, Esri, Trimble, and other key partners, while also providing flexible API integration options.

Who are your satellite data providers?

We have a strong partnership with leading satellite data suppliers such as Planet, UP42, Airbus, Capella Space and the European Space Agency.

How do you protect the data of your customers?

We ensure that your critical information stays safe. We offer top-notch enterprise-grade security and privacy with our SOC2 Type II compliance certification, the industry's gold standard in data security.

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