The big picture, in an instant.

With LiveEO’s Pipeline Suite, you can monitor the entire length of your pipeline infrastructure with frequent updates all year round: third party activity, ground movement, or vegetation threats.

Quicker, clearer insights with a higher return

LiveEO’s Pipeline Suite uses data from Earth Observation satellites to scan your entire network for a fraction of the time required for light aircraft flyovers.

Satellite monitoring puts you in the driving seat when it comes to managing environmental hazards from vegetation growth, storm damage, ground movement and more.

Genuine security needs reliable monitoring

Ensuring the integrity of your assets is one area where you can’t cut corners. But you can cut costs, or optimise your spend, so long as the highest standards of thoroughness and accuracy are maintained.

LiveEO’s AI analysis of rich satellite data with state-of-the art provides an unbeatable source of  truth at transnational scales. Reach out now and find out why dozens of major operators put their trust in LiveEO.

"We are seizing the opportunities of digitalisation. Today we are already eagerly shaping the future of energy for the people of tomorrow."

Christine Janssen, Commercial Director, MITNETZ GAS

Ground Movement Insights

Monitor ground deformation non-stop with GMi.

Third Party Insights

Stay ahead of external threats with TPi.

Vegetation Management Insights

Simplify your vegetation management with VMi.

Seamless synchronization of head office and field operations