Unleashing Potential, Fostering Innovation.

At LiveEO, we believe in opportunity for all. We believe in diversity as a strength, and individuality as a merit. We believe that what makes us unique makes us exceptional, working together to work better, and sharing our gifts to share a bond.

We value equality over hierarchy and believe open, earnest communication between peers yields the best outcomes. We are a company of dreamers and engineers; we’re all a bit of both. We’re driven by facts, and supported by data. We make decisions with our feet firmly on the ground, yet our sights are always set on the stars. Aiming high, we work hard to achieve our dreams, together.

An international team

Our team is composed of experts from more than 30 nationalities. We believe that cross-cultural cooperation drives innovation, productivity, and creativity.

Stellar performance

We are self-motivated, self-aware, self-disciplined experts, with a drive to improve life on Earth through space technology. Stellar performance, nothing less.

A culture of openness and honesty

Ours is a culture of openness and honesty. We are open to honest feedback, and always aim to communicate with positive, constructive intent.

Talent drives talent

Talented people make one another more effective. Our employees learn from  and support each other, so everyone feels more involved, more satisfied, and we all get more done.

Semi-annual evaluations & goal setting

What we love about this system is that every individual has the freedom to create goals based around passions or strategies that they think will grow the organisation.

A new industry in rapid expansion

LiveEO is a global leader in a brand new industry. We use cutting edge artificial intelligence to generate practical insights from satellite data - insights that create real value for businesses everywhere.

Nothing about what we do is mundane. None of it has been done before. And our clients are keen to see more of what satellite data can offer. A whole new sector is emerging and at LiveEO, we’re front and centre.

Customer First

Consider the customer’s perspective first and provide the best service you possibly can.


Take responsibility for your work and own the results. Measure progress by achievement, not effort.


Be truthful, respectful and open. Direct communication is the key to fruitful cooperation.

Team Building: Tech Ops team hit the ground running at Laser Tag!

Conferences: Our US Team made quite a splash at the T&D World Conference in Charlotte, NC

Sports Events: Sea, sand and sun… Well one out of three ain’t bad! Beach Volley Team all the way!!

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