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July 24, 2023

#33: Peering Into Planet and the Future of Space Technology (feat. Kiruthika Devaraj, VP of Engineering at Planet Labs)

Vice President of Engineering at Planet Labs, Kiruthika shares her transition from the precision-intensive environment of a radio astronomer to the dynamic realm of a startup, where she leads teams through the design of satellites' power, avionics, and communications sytems. She gives us a look into the unique world of satellite constellation management, and the Planet value of performance over density, as Planet CEO Will Marshall says.

What makes Planet Labs stand out in the space industry? The answer lies in the company's "agile aerospace" philosophy and their strategic projects. Discover how Kiruthika and her team navigate the complexities of satellite systems, the impact of Planet's acquisitions, and the development of their constellations. We also explore current and future trends that are poised to redefine the satellite industry.

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