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April 4, 2024

Leading Gas Pipeline Operator Adopts Satellite Technology for Third-Party Risk Monitoring and High-Consequence Area Management

In the dynamic landscape of oil and gas (O&G) pipeline operations, safeguarding infrastructure integrity and ensuring public safety are paramount concerns. Recognizing the importance of addressing these challenges, a prominent gas pipeline operator in North America has forged a collaboration with LiveEO, harnessing the power of satellite data and AI to transform third-party risk monitoring and high-consequence area management.

This partnership is driven by a commitment to proactive risk mitigation, especially crucial for a company that constantly deals with diverse external threats to its infrastructure. Through a pilot project, LiveEO has deployed SurfaceScout Monitoring to conduct comprehensive monitoring of the company’s gas pipeline corridors. This state-of-the-art technology swiftly and accurately detects a broad range of changes and interferences from third-party sources, as specified by the company, that may pose a threat to its pipelines. These encompass excavations, pipeline leaks and blowouts, construction projects, and erosions, among others. 

What sets this solution apart is its remarkable precision and efficiency. It has detected over 50 interferences within the area of interest, boasting an impressive 95% accuracy rate validated across nearly 40 key insights. This unparalleled intelligence has enabled the company to promptly identify risks, pinpoint their locations, and assess their criticality. Consequently, this capability enables swift, decisive actions, thereby minimizing the likelihood of costly incidents and maximizing asset integrity.

One of the changes our solution detected was the onset of construction works near the pipeline, later validated for accuracy via a drone

The benefits of this initiative extend far beyond mere risk detection. By providing a comprehensive overview of suspicious activities along the pipeline corridors, the company is empowered to enhance their damage prevention efforts. Moreover, the proactive threat management capabilities extend to high-consequence areas, where the potential for catastrophic outcomes demands heightened vigilance and swift intervention.

Central to the success of this project is the seamless access to actionable insights via the intuitive web and mobile applications. These platforms provide the company with frequent and timely updates on changes detected, dashboards with network-wide metrics and statistics, and precise location data pinpointing areas of concern. Furthermore, the system generates prioritized task lists, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently based on the urgency and severity of identified changes.

In essence, the synergy between satellite analytics and AI heralds a new era of pipeline management, one characterized by proactive risk mitigation, operational efficiency, and unwavering commitment to public safety. As the industry embraces innovation to confront evolving challenges, partnerships like this exemplify the transformative potential of technology in safeguarding critical infrastructure and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

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