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April 8, 2022

Demystifying Satellite Analytics for Infrastructure Monitoring

The ecosystem for Earth Observation is changing rapidly, with wide-ranging implications. The entire world just witnessed the emergence of a war from space in real-time. More commercial satellites deliver more data, greater coverage, and better quality than ever before.

New massive datasets are available which enable completely new solutions developed by many young companies, like LiveEO, to solve civil problems in areas like insurance or infrastructure monitoring.

The technology is promising, and the promises are not short of buzzwords. But between #AI and #SAR - what is possible with #SatelliteAnalytics?

LiveEO’s CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Seidel will give you a realistic, state-of-the-art but down-to-earth overview of Earth observation, its opportunities, as well as limitations in infrastructure grid monitoring.

From this webinar, you will learn about

  • The rapid changes of the satellite Ecosystem
  • Challenges in Analytics - how close can we look, how large can we scale?
  • Real-life applications from LiveEO’s labs and core products

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