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December 26, 2023

Download the official EUDR PDF - Full legal text download

Understanding the EU's Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) is crucial in today's environmental landscape.

Access the complete EUDR document for comprehensive insights into sustainable practices mandated by the EU.

The Law officially known as Regulation (EU) 2023/1115 is filed as Document 32023R1115 on the official Eur Lex website. You will find the link to the full-text pdf below.

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Access the EUDR PDF

Download the official EUDR PDF directly here: Full-Text PDF.

The European Commision has published new FAQs about the regulation. Find them here.

The EUDR focuses on:

  • Regulating commodities like wood, palm oil, and coffee to prevent deforestation.
  • Mandatory due diligence for deforestation-free products.
  • Requiring precise geolocation evidence to ensure compliance.

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