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April 5, 2023

E.DIS Case Study - Enhancing Vegetation Management with Satellite Analysis

Discover how LiveEO's satellite-based vegetation management solution revolutionized E.DIS's approach to maintaining their 3,750-mile grid network in Germany. By transitioning from a cycle-based to a condition-based process, E.DIS experienced:

  • Improved system reliability: A 15% increase in reliability and a reduction in power outages caused by vegetation
  • Significant cost reduction: Decreased costs related to identification, planning, execution, and reporting of vegetation management tasks
  • Enhanced safety: Better risk assessment and prioritization of 50,866 vegetation management tasks through artificial intelligence algorithms

Find out how LiveEO's end-to-end solution, including web and mobile apps, transformed E.DIS's vegetation management process by providing actionable insights and efficient workforce coordination.

Get the case study here.

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