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November 16, 2022

EO Industry Leader John Atkinson joins LiveEO as Chief Product Officer

LiveEO, a market leader in satellite analytics solutions, today announced that John Atkinson, the former Global Vice President of Partnerships at Planet, has joined LiveEO’s management team as Chief Product Officer.

At Planet Labs, the operator of the largest constellation of earth observation satellites, John was in charge of building up an extensive partner network. He will now be sitting on the other side of the table, working with EO sensor data to fuel valuable products in the energy, transportation, agriculture and sustainability sectors.

“Running global partnerships at Planet, I was uniquely positioned to identify trends in the earth observation industry at large, and see where EO companies were finding product/market fit. LiveEO caught my attention early on as one of the companies that cracked that nut. I am humbled and excited to continue that work and accelerate the LiveEO success story” commented John Atkinson.

John has a proven track record of building and managing technical and product organizations, and extensive experience in ecosystems and business development strategy. In his new role, his task will be to synergize LiveEO’s technology into products that enable process optimization and sustainability for a growing number of industries.

“In our discussions over the last couple of years I learned that John is not only an outstanding industry leader and expert in earth observation, but has also developed a clear vision of the transformative potential of AI-powered satellite analytics. There may be a handful of people in the industry who have such perspective on all players in the ecosystem, and I am happy he joined our team and to bring that vision to life together” said Daniel Seidel, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of LiveEO.

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