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June 15, 2021

European Space Agency Support Enables LiveEO's Market Leadership

Berlin, June 15th 2021

Around 17 months after the initial proposal to the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Business Applications Programme, Earth observation company LiveEO successfully concluded its Demonstration Project, proving the business viability of its solution utilising space technology. ESA’s support to  LiveEO throughout the project implementation played a significant role in bringing its product to maturity, lifting its business to the next level and establishing its position as the world leader in satellite augmented infrastructure monitoring.

Demonstration Projects within ESA’s Business Applications Programme have to show clear potential to become sustainable in the post-project phase. To be eligible for funding, proposed projects must include user involvement and contribution, and benefit from the integrated use of one or more space assets.

LiveEO’s project SIM (Space-Enabled Full-Stack Solution for Infrastructure Monitoring) met these requirements: Utilising satellite data, an infrastructure monitoring platform has been established - in close dialogue with network operators in the verticals electricity, pipeline and railway in the United States and Europe. The solution developed in the course of the project effectively represents LiveEO’s core products on the market today.

Since the implementation’s kick-off, LiveEO’s monitoring solution has brought value to companies both inside and outside the project’s scope. The solution that encompasses vegetation analysis to detect any danger posed by trees to overhead electricity lines and railways, as well as the identification of ground movement and third party influences close to pipelines, has been rolled out to customers around the world.

“There is no question: LiveEO would not fill the market-leading position it has today, had it not been for ESA’s Business Applications Programme,” says Sven Przywarra, Co-Founder of LiveEO, “Aside from the funding, which enabled us to greatly ramp up our engineering team, we found having access to ESA’s network to be invaluable for our business. We are grateful we had the chance to prove how our product can improve people’s lives, using space technology.”

“LiveEO has had an amazing journey throughout the ESA project!  From a small start-up to growing into an established business with a credible service offering, it is well-positioned to access the market. This is the result of LiveEO’s technical and business innovation attitude, as well as its truly customer-centric approach. It has been a pleasure supporting LiveEO, and I look forward to seeing further developments,”  says Davide Coppola, project manager at ESA Space Solutions.

Download the full press release here.

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