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December 9, 2023

How the GPSNR Fosters Rubber Sector Collaboration on the EU Deforestation Regulation

In our latest entry in the "Voices on EUDR" series, we had the privilege of hosting Stefano Savi, the Director of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR).

His insights shed light on the rubber industry's proactive response to the new EU Deforestation Regulation.

This discussion is not just informative but also a call to action, emphasizing the power of collaboration in navigating these significant changes.

Key Insights:

1. Understanding the Impact of #EUDR on the Rubber Sector

The EU Deforestation Regulation is a pivotal moment for the industry, and understanding its nuances is crucial for all stakeholders involved.

2. Collaboration: The Key to Compliance and Sustainability

The GPSNR plays a vital role in supporting companies on their journey to comply with the #EUDR, fostering a spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility. This approach is not just about meeting regulatory requirements but also about ensuring long-term sustainability and ethical practices in the rubber industry.

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3. Deforestation Monitoring and Sustainability

The GPSNR dedicated to creating a deforestation monitoring system. This initiative is designed to promote sustainability and transparency among both GPSR and non-GPSR members.

4. Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Addressing sustainability in the rubber industry requires a comprehensive approach. This holistic view is crucial to avoid potential future problems.

Effective EUDR collaboration in the rubber industry is essential for fostering sustainability and transparency. It emphasizes that while individual efforts may seem faster due to time pressures, true progress and the avoidance of future problems in the industry depend on a holistic and cooperative approach.

This collaboration is not only beneficial but necessary for addressing environmental concerns like deforestation in a comprehensive and effective manner.

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