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May 16, 2023

"I See Opportunities in Challenges" - Interview with LiveEO's Dilan Oguz

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When did you first become interested in tech? How did your first contact with tech occur?

I grew up in a family where there were no barriers to education and freedom of speech. Therefore, it didn't matter whether my interests were stereotypically more male or female. In my home country of Turkey, it's important to have a good job and earn money. Since I've always been good at mathematics and physics, it seemed logical to get a foot in the door in the technology sector. That's why I studied "Civil Engineering" and "Geo Informatics Engineering" for my bachelor's degree, which is also how my first conscious contact with tech occurred.

What was your path to your current job? What different career paths have you taken?

I work for the Spacetech company LiveEO and am active in Geo IT there. During my bachelor's degree, I learned what satellites can do and how satellite data can accelerate various processes in the engineering field, but also generally on Earth. I read more about the topic in various science magazines and decided that I wanted to work professionally with geodata that comes from space. That's why I moved from Istanbul to Berlin after my bachelor's degree to complete my master's in "Geodesy and Geoinformation Science". Since mid-2022, I have been working at LiveEO and deal with data provided by satellites on a daily basis.

You completed a tech-related degree in Turkey. What differences did you observe between the tech study in Turkey and in Germany?

I'm not particularly happy about the reputation of the education system in Turkey. I received a good education there. However, I found my first year in particular to be chaotic, as it was very challenging and involved a lot of learning by doing. The subsequent master's program in Berlin was also tough. I particularly noticed major differences in the gender composition of the degree program. In both countries, women were in the minority in my subjects. In Turkey, however, this imbalance was much more noticeable. Of 150 students at my faculty, only seven were female. Although the difference in my master's program was not as stark, I was still surprised that such a modern country as Germany has so few women in the tech industry. That's why I also find it nice that the proportion of women at LiveEO is much higher than at other tech companies.

Have there been any individuals (women) who have supported/encouraged you? Do you have a role model?

I grew up in a household of women. Both my mother and my grandmother were always a great support for me. My grandmother is one of my greatest role models. She didn't have an easy life, but was always cheerful and encouraged me to go my own way at all times. To be honest, most of my idols are women. I have great respect for all the women who stand up for their rights and support each other, as is the case in Iran, for example.

What motivates you in difficult times?

Not only in difficult times, even in normal everyday life there are days when things don't go so well amidst all the good days. In these cases, I remind myself that I have to be patient with myself. I like to take challenges as an opportunity to learn. That motivates me a lot. Otherwise, of course, conversations with my family or friends always help. My colleagues also support me in staying focused and motivated even in difficult times. The open corporate culture and the great ambition of each individual person are a great source of inspiration for me.

How has COVID-19 affected your work-life balance?

The initial period of Covid was very difficult for me, like for all of us. Everything about my work situation was delayed and I waited a long time for positive news. Since I financed my stay abroad in Germany

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