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June 27, 2024

LiveEO and PEFC Announce Partnership for EUDR Compliance

LiveEO and PEFC are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership aimed at assisting certified organizations in complying with the European Union's Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). 

The two organizations have combined their expertise in satellite analytics and modular chain of custody to devise a program that guides PEFC-certified companies to EUDR compliance using a customized version of LiveEO’s EUDR platform, TradeAware. Companies can sign up today to join the program and start their compliance journey.

Leading the Market in EUDR Alignment Solutions

As one of the pioneering partnerships tackling EUDR compliance, LiveEO and PEFC are establishing a new standard for innovative and reliable EUDR solutions for timber and tree-based products. By enhancing transparency in supply chains, affected companies significantly reduce the risk of illegal activities, supply chain disruptions, and non-compliance.

Benefits for PEFC Certificate Holders

Companies signed up for the program will be guided through key preparatory steps, including collecting geolocations and onboarding suppliers to the TradeAware platform, to ensure compliance readiness well ahead of the deadline.

As part of the partnership, LiveEO develops a customized version of its EUDR platform TradeAware, that is specifically tailored to the needs of PEFC-certified organizations. This brings numerous benefits, including:

  • Integrated end-to-end Compliance: The platform integrates PEFC requirements, saving time and effort for companies seeking to meet both EUDR and PEFC requirements, and enables the seamless integration of required data within supply chains.
  • Effortless Information Sharing: Easy onboarding of buyers and suppliers on the user-friendly TradeAware platform, drastically reducing the project management overhead for EUDR alignment and avoiding the mix of compliant and noncompliant wood batches.
  • Best-in-class Forest Monitoring Accuracy: Market-leading satellite data analytics reliably identify deforestation and forest degradation, preventing misclassifications that cause costly supply chain disruptions.
  • Cost-effective solution: PEFC certificate holders benefit from special rates on LiveEO’s TradeAware platform.

Leading-edge Technology for Forest Monitoring

LiveEO TradeAware offers a seamless compliance process on a user-friendly platform. An easy supply/buyer onboarding accelerates geolocation collection and facilitates the sharing of information and documents across the supply chain. Built-in legality checks ensure audit-proof compliance, while our proprietary AI algorithms detect land-use changes with unmatched accuracy, preventing costly disruptions from wrongly excluding suppliers. With flexible APIs, TradeAware integrates effortlessly with existing supply chain management systems, linking plot and product data to reduce compliance complexity. As a SOC2-certified vendor, LiveEO guarantees the secure storage of all information.

Collaborative Impact for Sustainability and Compliance

By combining LiveEO's satellite monitoring technology with PEFC's EUDR modular chain of custody standard, we help companies demonstrate environmental stewardship and reduce regulatory risks. Together, we drive innovation in forest monitoring, enhance the reliability of sustainability certifications, and promote a transparent, ethically sourced timber industry globally.

To sign up for the program and to receive more information, visit LiveEO.

To find out more about the PEFC EUDR support, please visit the PEFC EUDR website or contact

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