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May 25, 2022

LiveEO announces Forestry Product for early Bark Beetle Detection

Managing and monitoring forests is challenging. They typically cover vast areas while problems like bug infestations occur locally, with devastating effects to the ecosystem and economic damage to the owners. Satellite analytics and solutions company LiveEO today announced a product based on satellite data and AI that enables forest owners to mitigate those risks.

Recent increases in wood prices that trickled down in countless other industries showed the significance of wood as a natural resource. At the same time, forests are prone to Bark Beetle-infestations and storm damage - both of which are expected to grow in severity due to climate change and are, in fact, interlinked, since fallen trees are optimal habitats for the bugs.

Forest stress detection is currently done mostly through manual inspection on the ground. Given the large areas they cover, and the limited resources available, problems are often detected too late with the window for mitigation already closed. In Europe alone, damage to forests and costs for reforestations are in the order of billions per year.

LiveEO today announces a solution that uses multispectral satellite data to solve this problem. The AI-powered solution will enable forest owners to timely detect and stop spreading of bug infestations during their attack phase. The early detection of the animals will help secure the rapidly deteriorating value of damaged trees.

Developing the new product, LiveEO drew from over four years of experience and technological excellence developed providing vegetation management solutions to infrastructure operators.

Like the company's other products, LiveEO’s Forestry solution has been developed in close exchange with industry players and with a laser focus on the specific challenges and ways of working of forest owners, to deliver actionable insights in an end-to-end solution.
LiveEO will showcase the beta version of its Forestry solution for the first time to a public audience in their Product Showcase Event on June 8th. Parties interested in Beta-testing the new product are invited to reach out directly to Manuel Gremblewski (, Business Development.

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