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December 2, 2021

LiveEO Founding Member of BDI NewSpace Initiative

Companies are joining forces in a new space initiative launched by the Federation of German Industries (BDI). Five associations and 28 companies establish a new space initiative with the BDI to strengthen networking between space companies, start-ups and the traditional industry.

This Wednesday, BDI launched a New Space Initiative with 32 founding members. Established space-industry players such as Airbus and OHB are joined by NewSpace startups like LiveEO and corporations from outside the space industries, such as SAP, the commodities company K+S and the German automotive association VDA.

Many industries have already been working with data from space travel for years, be it Earth observation, communication or navigation. The global nature of space technology and data and the current hypergrowth of the industry promise applications that will be relevant for most if not all industries in the future, especially in view of global networking (Internet of Things), autonomous driving, and climate change analysis.

"Space holds great potential for solving problems here on earth and NewSpace is the driver of innovation within the industry. Linking the industry in the political arena is important to create visibility for the topic and to show the impact space can have on topics such as climate protection, connectivity and Industry 4.0", says LiveEO Co-Founder Sven Przywarra.

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