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March 17, 2022

LiveEO Invites Industry to Join New Partner Program

The leading provider of satellite-based analytics and solutions for infrastructure operators, LiveEO, launches a new partnership program designed to give different types of partners the right framework to bring the best solutions, technologies, services to market, and support a growing customer base.

When companies join forces, more is possible. Since LiveEO’s inception in 2018, the company has forged strong partnerships with players like enterprise software giant SAP, satellite data provider Planet, and leading construction and engineering company CDM Smith. Leveraging these mutually beneficial collaborations has proven crucial in redefining how insights from satellites help enterprises in their decision-making.

LiveEO now opens its doors for more interested players to join its partner ecosystem to create more value together. The new Partnership Program launched today is designed to give different types of companies the opportunity to benefit from LiveEO’s technology and market positioning, and write joint success stories. Partners in the Ecosystem benefit from joint marketing activities, sales and tech enablement, and attractive incentives for closed business.

“It is wonderful to see what we have accomplished with our existing partners in the past years”; says LiveEO’s Global Partner and Alliances Director, Martina Baccolo, ”With our new Program, we have laid out the path to streamline and facilitate collaboration. We will write even more success stories - faster. I am excited to see who we will write them with.”

The framework comprises four tiers to cater to the needs of different categories of companies. Vendors in the Business Partner tier get equipped to sell LiveEO’s solutions to their customers. Technology Partners are enabled to directly integrate market-leading satellite analytics into their existing software solutions. Strategic Partners speak to the same Audience and might collaborate with LiveEO on various levels. The invite-only Alliance Partnership tier is reserved for global players in the realm of consultancy.
Companies interested in learning more about the new Partnership Program can visit our dedicated partnerships page or reach out to Martina Baccolo directly via martina@live-eo-com.

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