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March 13, 2024

LiveEO launches free EUDR Compliance Tool, TradeAware Lite

LiveEO is excited to announce the launch of TradeAware Lite, a free version of its software solution TradeAware, designed to help companies achieve compliance with the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR).

Receive instant, obligation-free context on deforestation 

TradeAware Lite allows users to easily input an unlimited number of geolocations from their sourcing farms and receive instant risk indications based on a smart combination of established datasets on forest cover. Getting started with TradeAware lite is a risk-free way to receive instant context around deforestation in one's supply chain, a functionality that has so far only been available in high-cost market solutions.

The deforestation data sources utilized in TradeAware Lite are on par with those employed by most paid solutions on the market. Although this data provides essential context on deforestation, it's widely recognized for its susceptibility to inaccuracies across various global regions.

For customers that are impacted by the inaccuracy of the open source data sets, LiveEO offers Precision Analytics. Available in TradeAware Professional and Enterprise, Precision Analytics reduces the risk mis-classifying deforestation by up to 98%, which means companies can prevent the expensive supply chain disruptions and adverse social impact that comes from wrongfully excluding  suppliers based on inferior data quality.

In recognition of the pressing need for companies to comply with the EUDR, LiveEO is providing early access to TradeAware Lite. This beta version is part of our commitment to helping businesses navigate compliance challenges by integrating user feedback into the platform’s continuous enhancement.

Bridging the entire Gap between your systems and EUDR Compliance

In addition to the free application, TradeAware Lite, TradeAware is available in Professional and Enterprise versions with enhanced capabilities. 

TradeAware Professional effectively bridges the gap between current supply chain management systems and EUDR compliance, addressing all necessary aspects, including legality checks for due diligence statements that can be directly submitted from the app, streamlining the compliance process. It was developed in response to extensive discussions with hundreds of affected companies about their challenges in achieving EUDR compliance.

Collaborate across your Supply Chain and avoid costly Disruptions

TradeAware streamlines supply chain management by enabling cross-organization collaboration with unlimited direct connections between buyers and suppliers and gives access to LiveEO's precision analytics. LiveEO’s market-leading analytics capabilities are trusted by industry leaders like Deutsche Bahn and operators of critical infrastructure on all continents. 

TradeAware Enterprise includes all features of the Professional version and further supports compliance through advanced integration via API and automation capabilities, making it an ideal solution for efficient, scalable compliance management in complex environments.

We invite companies to begin their journey with TradeAware Lite today as a risk-free first step to achieve comprehensive EUDR compliance.

Click here to sign up for TradeAware Lite now.

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