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September 2, 2022

Rapid Response Insights for Storm Damage: a LiveEO World Premiere at InnoTrans

LiveEO will be showcasing their newest product at InnoTrans 2022. An automated rapid response solution based on radar satellite data, Rapid Response Insights works in all weather conditions, pinpointing storm damage locations within hours, so infrastructure operators can restore service without delay.

Fallen trees across rail tracks or downed power lines are dangerous and costly for operators of railways and other linear infrastructure. They can lead to lengthy service interruptions, or worse still, injury or loss of life. Storms are projected to become increasingly frequent and severe over the coming decades because of climate change. Operators need to tackle this new challenge without delay, by mitigating vegetation risk more effectively and enhancing their disaster response capability.

LiveEO’s satellite-based Vegetation Management solution has proven an effective tool in vegetation risk prevention and is already being used by companies like Deutsche Bahn, to manage vegetation along their network more efficiently. At Innotrans 2022, Satellite Analytics company LiveEO will premiere its newest product for near-real-time storm damage detection for linear infrastructure: Rapid Response Insights.

The software uses sophisticated change detection algorithms and imagery from satellites equipped with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to automatically detect objects on the tracks or across power lines following Storms.

SAR satellites penetrate cloud cover and rapidly deliver high-resolution data, even in bad weather conditions. New satellite constellations provide data for any location around the clock, and LiveEO’s streamlined acquisition and processing technologies yield actionable insights in record time

Results are available via LiveEO's intuitive web application

Rapid Response Insights provides the location of the damage events in a user-friendly GIS application mere hours after the storm. Furthermore, it gives information on the size of the affected area. The newly available insights enable operators to react to natural disasters faster and restore service sooner than ever, with direct benefits for rail travelers and electricity consumers.

This new product further enhances LiveEO’s product suite for railway operators consisting of its Vegetation Management Solution, Ground Deformation Monitoring, and Rapid Response Insights.

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