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October 6, 2021

LiveEO sponsors first Podcast dedicated to Utility Vegetation Management

The vivid energy podcast landscape has its newest addition: As the first of its kind, the UVM Podcast, hosted by Stephen Cieslewicz and Nick Ferguson, has the goal to spread innovative ideas and knowledge in Utility Vegetation Management. Earth Observation Company LiveEO is sponsoring the first two seasons of the new format.

Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) is a multi-billion industry employing tens of thousands of people. With the effects of climate change on increasingly extreme weather conditions, strategies to effectively avoid tree and powerline conflicts are bound to become more relevant in the future and of greater interest to the general public.

With two high-profile hosts, the format’s ambition for establishing thought leadership and active dialogue in the industry is evident. Former president of the Utility Arborist Association Stephen Cieslewicz is an internationally recognized expert in UVM. Nick Ferguson is a leader from the tech industry and has held senior roles at geospatial companies aiming to optimize Vegetation Management processes.

Nick Ferguson commented: “Utility Vegetation Management is paid for and directly affects all of us, but it is ironically not a well known industry. Through this show we aim to facilitate knowledge sharing within the industry but also raise awareness of the value of the profession with the wider public. Our intent is to serve up informative and topical interviews with utilities, regulators, lawmakers, tree contractors and technologists”.

Steve Cieslewicz commented:” I am looking forward to hosting a podcast where we, as an industry, can discuss all of the fascinating UVM related issues that I know my contemporaries are interested in. Not just the cool tech and UVM best practices, but also the related legal, regulatory, environmental and philosophical topics that make this work so very compelling. This will be important stuff!”

As a company bringing satellite technology to utility vegetation managers, sponsoring the UVM Podcast was a natural fit for LiveEO. “For us, this is an opportunity to be even closer to the conversation about UVM. Technology leadership is important. But equally important is how well we apply it to solve industry-specific problems. We expect to learn and grow and are proud to facilitate knowledge exchange”, LiveEO’s Co-Founder and CEO Sven Przywarra comments on the relationship.

The UVM Podcast is available on all popular platforms and on

Download the full press release as pdf here.

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