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April 5, 2023

Ontras Case Study - Leveraging Ground Deformation Monitoring for Rerouting Decisions

Discover how Ontras, a gas transmission company operating 7,700 kilometers of pipeline network in eastern Germany, successfully utilized LiveEO's Ground Deformation Monitoring to make data-driven decisions on relocating their pipelines.

The Challenge: Ontras faced difficulties in making informed decisions regarding pipeline relocation due to insufficient data on ground movements near a former mining site. Conventional measuring methods failed to provide the actionable insights needed to justify pipeline relocation.

LiveEO's Solution: By employing satellite imagery and historical data analysis, LiveEO delivered accurate, long-term trends of ground movements in the area of interest. The results were visualized in the LiveEO web application, making them easily accessible to stakeholders.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient data gathering, translating raw data into visual insights for long-term trends
  • Data-driven justification for decision-making, facilitated by high-end technology and accurate measurement methods
  • Cost-efficient satellite monitoring, including historical data, easily digestible for non-experts
  • Identification of long-term trends for better insights on future projects and planning of new routes for upcoming pipeline networks

By utilizing LiveEO's Ground Deformation Monitoring, Ontras gained the confidence and insights needed to make informed decisions on relocating their infrastructure, ultimately saving costs and ensuring the efficient functioning of their pipeline networks.

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