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October 26, 2023

Revolutionizing Wildfire Risk Prevention: A Five-Pronged Satellite-Based Approach

Recent years have seen record-breaking wildfire seasons that have ravaged regions across the globe - from Australia to South Asia, Europe to North and South America. Last year, wildfires in 45 observed countries in Europe burned 1.6 million hectares, an area about the size of Montenegro, significantly impacting Natura 2000 protected sites. As global temperatures continue to rise, the urgency to address the wildfire crisis has reached unprecedented levels.

This eBook aims to offer insights into the magnitude of this challenge, especially for the electric utility industry, which plays a dual role in the context of wildfires: it is among the sectors most vulnerable to wildfire risks and, paradoxically, plays a role in catalyzing these events. 

The eBook also underscores the pivotal role that satellite analytics play in effectively countering the growing threats posed by wildfires. LiveEO, in particular, presents a comprehensive five-pronged strategy to bolster wildfire risk prevention, including:

  1. Encroachment risk identification
  2. Vegetation health assessment
  3. Hazard trees detection
  4. Fuel load management
  5. Flammable tree species monitoring

To gain deeper insights into our approach and how LiveEO tackles this critical issue, download the full copy of the eBook by providing your details below.

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