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November 30, 2023

Source Intelligence - Simplifying EU Deforestation Regulation Compliance

Understanding and complying with the EU Deforestation Regulation can be overwhelming for businesses. In a succinct video discussion, Source Intelligence's sustainability consultant Charles Getter outlines how their software simplifies this complex challenge.

Key Insights:

  • The EU Deforestation Regulation expands responsibility beyond timber, including commodities like soy and palm oil.
  • Main challenges: Demonstrating due diligence in traceability and sustainability practices.
  • Source Intelligence's software facilitates automated compliance checks and data assessments, easing the burden of manual processes.

Expert Advice: Getter recommends leveraging software solutions for efficient compliance management and suggests referring to Annex one of the directive for specific commodity guidelines.

Conclusion: Businesses can navigate the complexities of the EU Deforestation Regulation with the right tools and guidance, ensuring both legal and sustainable supply chain practices.

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