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April 12, 2023

Introducing Monthly Updated Imagery: The Satellite Live-Feed of your Network

Today, we're excited to announce the release of our new feature: Monthly Updated Satellite Imagery. It will empower maintenance managers and other utility departments to make informed decisions and plan future activities more efficiently. With access to recent imagery, customers can better validate the risk identified by LiveEO's Machine Learning, get historical context to land development or monitor changes that occurred after the last analysis.

The Monthly Updated Satellite Base Maps provide cloud-free satellite imagery with a monthly cadence, accessible through the LiveEO web application. Each image comes with a timestamp, enabling users to monitor changes over time. The feature allows users to access historical data dating back to 2017 for any part of their network, offering a comprehensive view of vegetation and land use changes.

Some key benefits of the Monthly Updated Satellite Base Maps include:

  • Enhanced decision-making: With access to recent, medium-resolution images, clients can perform their own visual checks and validate the machine learning performed by LiveEO.
  • Improved safety and reduced revenue loss: Identify and address changes that risk compromising electrical clearances before safety issues arise or revenue is lost through de-rating a line.
  • Optimized infrastructure planning and maintenance: Monitor land use changes, flood-prone areas, and construction progress for better route selection, hardening of infrastructure against future threats, and effective asset maintenance.

“Our goal is to offer unparalleled value to our customers in managing their vegetation and infrastructure. We believe that the integration of Monthly Updated Satellite Base Maps will help our customers to stay one step ahead and ensure the safety and reliability of their operations”, commented LiveEO CEO Daniel Seidel.

LiveEO’s new feature is based on Planet Basemaps, provided by LiveEO’s trusted partner Planet Labs. “Planet Basemaps are composites of the best PlanetScope pixels acquired within a specific timeframe. Through sophisticated processing, we can provide visually consistent, cloud-free, and scientifically accurate mosaics that are perfectly suited for various use cases in asset monitoring”, explains Luis Peraza, Senior Professional Services Manager at Planet Labs.

Combined with LiveEO’s additional new feature for manual task creation, the monthly updated imagery enables seamless data-driven decision making for various utility departments.

Monthly updated satellite imagery will be available to all LiveEO customers for free during a two-month trial period, unlocking the full potential of our platform. 

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