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May 26, 2021

Two of Germany’s largest Utilities Onboarded

While the current focus of LiveEO’s expansion lies in North America, we have recently onboarded two new key customers in Germany. The two electric utilities E.Dis and Netze BW are among the largest in Germany, the former operating in the east and the latter in the southwest.

Grid-Wide Roll-Outs

E.dis had previously concluded a successful Proof of Concept with LiveEO over 6000km of overhead lines. In the course of the POC, they found that they could reduce vegetation management costs of identification, planning, execution, and reporting by 30% while improving system reliability by 15%. Consequently, E.dis took the next step and rolled out our Vegetation Management solution to their entire network.


The company, one of the biggest employers in the region, has a tradition of being innovation-friendly. They have been exploring the potential of new technologies like augmented reality, using drones for line inspections, and IoT for some time now - Monitoring their network from space then comes almost naturally.

Data-Driven Vegetation Management

Netze BW is the largest transmission grid operator in Germany. They will use the insights generated by our AI-driven solution to enhance their vegetation management on asset management level with more relevant data. Vegetation risk assessment data for their entire high-voltage network is fed directly into their asset management to mitigate vegetation risks more effectively.

Netze BW

Our collaboration with these two key customers in the region truly illustrates LiveEO's Vegetation Management Solutions' versatility.

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