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February 8, 2022

CEATI - Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation, Rob Young

The UVM podcast shares innovative ideas and insights in Utility Vegetation Management. We facilitate knowledge sharing within the industry, and raise public awareness around what we do.
Hosted by Stephen Cieslewicz and Nick Ferguson.
Sponsored by LiveEO, turning satellite data into actionable insights here on Earth.

This episode features an interview with Rob Young, Executive Director of the Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia, and Technical Advisor to the research organization CEATI. Rob spent over 25 years developing and leading Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) programs at Nova Scotia Power for 5,500 km of transmission and 27,000 km of distribution lines.

In this interview, we discuss the research organization CEATI, and the work it is doing to advance Utility Vegetation Management as a discipline. We cover several topics including:

  • Background on CEATI
  • Learning opportunities - Strategic Planning and Program Management, Technology Equipment and Products, Public and Social, Environmental Contribution
  • Best Management Practices for communication about VM programs
  • LiDAR, Phodar and the practical uses of satellite imagery
  • Fire and weather-related risk mitigation
  • Right of Ways as an asset of ecological value
  • Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) Principles
  • Condition Based Management
  • A brief exploration of lobster by-laws in Nova Scotia

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