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November 3, 2021

Liberty Utilities (Missouri), Jason Grossman

The UVM podcast shares innovative ideas and insights in Utility Vegetation Management. We facilitate knowledge sharing within the industry, and raise public awareness around what we do.
Hosted by Stephen Cieslewicz and Nick Ferguson.
Sponsored by LiveEO, turning satellite data into actionable insights here on Earth.

Liberty Utilities is an operating company of Algonquin Power, serving over 1 million customers across 13 US States and 1 Canadian Province with some $6.8BN in regulated utility assets.

  • How he got started in Utility Vegetation Management
  • The impact of ice storms on the grid and the role of vegetation management in response efforts
  • The role of the Missouri Public Service Commission in setting funding requirements
  • Liberty Utilities (Missouri) reliability statistics vs. benchmarks (SAIDI, SAIFI)
  • Integrated Vegetation Management and responsible stewardship
  • New technology and the impact of this on the Liberty Utilities (Missouri) VM program

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