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January 18, 2022

What should you expect if you are involved in a UVM lawsuit?

The UVM podcast shares innovative ideas and insights in Utility Vegetation Management. We facilitate knowledge sharing within the industry, and raise public awareness around what we do.
Hosted by Stephen Cieslewicz and Nick Ferguson.
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In this episode Nick and Steve interview Randy Gimple, a founding partner of Carlson, Calladine & Peterson LLP, a litigation firm in San Francisco, California. Over his 34 years in the practice, he has handled hundreds of catastrophic and mass tort cases involving wildfires, explosions, floods and various other calamities. Randy is one of the nation’s premier wildfire litigators and has been involved with numerous high profile legal cases directly related to tree and power line conflicts.

In this fascinating discussion, Randy provides insights and practical advice for people involved with UVM. Whether or utility employee or UVM service provider, listeners will learn about a myriad of legal topics and issues that will help them in preparing for involvement in legal proceedings. During this thoughtful, and at times philosophic interview, we discuss a range of topical legal issues including:

  • What types of legal cases are common in the UVM industry
  • The typical anatomy of a UVM related legal case
  • Who can expect to become involved with these cases (Utilities and Vendors)
  • Reasonableness and standards of care
  • Insurance subrogation
  • Inverse Condemnation
  • UVM legal tips, before, during, and after an event

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