Science & Technology


April 13, 2023

#27: You Don't Have to Be a Space Expert to Harness Its Power! (feat. John Atkinson, Chief Product Officer at LiveEO)

John received a call from a former coworker who knew his strengths would break molds at a new position for Planet Labs. Now at LiveEO, John applies his expertise as its Chief Product Officer.

This episode showcases John’s accumulation of knowledge since before his career, having grown up “in an environment surrounded by tech.” He continued to drive innovation everywhere he went, from spearheading email efforts in the US house of representatives at the start of his career, to running the global partner ecosystem at Planet before joining LiveEO.

He adresses the myriad use cases for satellite data & how he came to learn of them, sheds light on what LiveEO is doing & how it’s changing the game, and explains that no one has to be an expert in space to harness the value of satellites.

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