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August 25, 2022

Avoiding Space Debris at Thousands of Miles Per Hour (feat. Kristina Nikolaus, Co-Founder & CEO of OKAPI:Orbits)

Our hosts Sven & Daniel discuss rising technologies, economic opportunities and social dreams centered around the topics of Innovation & NewSpace with executives, founders and other exciting people from the startup & NewSpace ecosystem.

The podcast’s purpose is to build awareness for this revolutionary era and, from Berlin, Germany, promote Europe’s potential in participating in this next big step

Space junk presents a significant threat to satellites in orbit. How does one tackle this issue? Who has what jurisdiction in space?

In its long-awaited return, the NewSpaceVision podcast arrives with an incredible guest: Kristina Nikolaus, Co-Founder and CEO of space debris company OKAPI:Orbits. This disruptive startup, founded in 2018, is changing the game. As more and more satellites are launched into space in today’s areospace boom, the newspace industry needs it more than ever.

Discover how software meets hardware in space, the challenges of creating such a revolutionary startup, and how systems need to change to help promote sustainability in space.

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