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July 3, 2022

Is there a Business Case for Mars? (feat. Jake Robins, Host and Producer of WeMartians)

Our hosts Sven & Daniel discuss rising technologies, economic opportunities and social dreams centered around the topics of Innovation & NewSpace with executives, founders and other exciting people from the startup & NewSpace ecosystem.

The podcast’s purpose is to build awareness for this revolutionary era and, from Berlin, Germany, promote Europe’s potential in participating in this next big step.

The upcoming Mars 2020 launch of NASA got us thinking: Is there actually a business case for Mars? Jake Robins, Host and Producer of the WeMartians Podcasts and an incredibly passionate Mars enthusiast joins us to discuss the current state of the Red Planet and its promising missions in 2020. Together, we explore a variety of thinkable business cases for Mars. Just in the dawn of the approaching launch of NASA’s Mars Perseverance mission in July, be sure to not miss the launch window for this Red Planet Podcast.

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