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May 9, 2023

LiveEO launches first automated EUDR Compliance Solution based on Satellite Analytics

Navigating the complexities of the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) can be challenging, but LiveEO's EUDR Compliance solution is here to help. Drawing on our extensive experience in vegetation monitoring, we ensure your supply chain adheres to these new regulatory requirements.

Our solution leverages high-quality satellite imagery and AI-powered analytics to continuously monitor suppliers' farmlands, delivering near-real-time data on deforestation. With cloud-based architecture and global satellite data, our solution can scale effortlessly to meet your business needs.

As a market leader in vegetation monitoring, LiveEO has monitored thousands of kilometers of infrastructure for vegetation risks. Our EUDR Compliance solution capitalizes on this expertise, providing an innovative solution for automatic deforestation detection.

We designed our EUDR Compliance Solution with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring ease of use for both supply chain managers and their suppliers. Absolute confidentiality and data security are guaranteed, with stringent measures in place to prevent data leakages and unauthorized access.

Our solution is compatible with all affected commodities, benefiting from LiveEO's sophisticated vegetation species recognition algorithms. It ensures full traceability of commodities along the entire supply chain, fostering transparency and accountability.

We understand that every company's EUDR compliance journey is unique and may require different levels of integration with existing systems. Our experts collaborate closely with you to understand your challenges and priorities. Our solution is compatible with popular supply chain management systems, such as SAP, and easily integrated using the LiveEO API, enabling a holistic approach to compliance.

The EUDR demands greater transparency and sustainability in supply chains, making it crucial to choose a solution that addresses your compliance needs without adding complexity. LiveEO's EUDR Compliance solution brings together expertise, innovation, and user-friendliness to help you tackle the challenges of the new regulation.

Contact us to discover how our solution can support your business in achieving EUDR compliance and contributing to a greener future.

Register now for our webinar Assessing the Viability of Satellite Data to Validate Compliance with LiveEO CEO Sven Przywarra, Wednesday, May 31st 2023 - 5:00 PM (CEST):

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