Smarter forest management

Look to the skies for clarity: LiveEO’s Forestry Suite combines satellite-based forest supervision with AI-driven insight generation, in an intuitive easy-to-use work-order and hazard management solution.

Better woodland management with satellite data and AI

LiveEO’s Forestry Suite empowers your forestry management by providing regular, reliable overviews of conditions across your entire estate, with smart inventory, fall identification, vitality zone tracking, wildfire prevention and third party monitoring.



updates per year


<15 hr

storm damage report delivery



year-round monitoring



tracking & reporting

A complete forestry management platform

LiveEO’s Forestry Suite is not merely a collection of status monitoring tools. All of our insights come with end-to-end work management, including automated work order generation and prioritization, impact reporting and task auditing. See for yourself!

Vegetation Management Insights

Automatically generate and maintain digital inventories, identify areas of low vitality and low species variety thanks to VMi.

Third Party Interference

Keep tabs on logging and other human activity in your woodlands to easily identify unauthorised and unwanted activities with LiveEO’s TPi.

Rapid Response Insights

Simplify your post-storm maintenance thanks to high-accuracy before-and-after comparisons generated by LiveEO’s RRi.

Enable smart forest management deploying satellite data and AI