Monitor ground movements with millimetre precision

With satellite data, you can monitor for ground deformation along your ROW and in the surrounding area, with such precision that offers a fast, efficient and eco-friendly way to monitor the environment around linear infrastructure, such as electrical grids or rail networks.

ground movement insights

Ongoing high-accuracy ground monitoring

Using data from SAR satellites, our ground movement solution monitors the Earth’s surface for even the smallest changes. By creating a detailed ongoing picture of all ground deformation near your assets, we can warn you of any potentially threatening movement long before it becomes visible to the naked eye.

your entire grid all at once

Get a continuous updates on long and short-term ground movement for any area, directly to your desktop.

Understand which movements really matter and act early to pre-empt damage, thanks to frequent updates and historical trend analysis.

spot trends early
end-to-end digital workflow

Identify threats, assign inspection orders and track progress all in the same LiveEO application, with full SAP and Esri ArcGIS integration.

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Protect your assets: target subsidence or slippage areas before they become a problem.


Track soil erosion in real time to optimize interventions and minimize disruption.


Keep your grid on a solid foundation by preventing ground-related infrastructure degradation.

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Ontras Ground Movement Case Study


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