Leverage global, AI-generated Insights.

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In an era of rapid globalization and escalating climate change, real-time, accurate information isn't just valuable, it's essential. Navigate the complexities of the global market and make strategic, data-driven decisions, with LiveEO’s AI-powered geospatial analytics services.

Scalable Satellite Intelligence.

Leverage AI-driven satellite intelligence for unparalleled oversight of remote assets. Guard against environmental threats, harness global insights, and scale seamlessly. Powered by vast satellite data, our AI offers clarity even through clouds and forecasts with precision. Facing a challenge? Connect with us, and let's use our satellite analytics expertise to craft the ideal solution for you.

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Track and manage your green assets. From tree health and removal to growth patterns and species. Enable proactive, informed decisions.

Monitor third parties from space. Keep your assets secure and receive automated activity alerts.

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Detect soil movement trends and safeguard asset integrity remotely. Reduce dependency on costly IoT sensors and geo-surveys.

Accurately pinpoint storm damage locations in hours. Day or night, without cloud interference, through seamless automation.

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Elevate your business with satellite data today.